A Good Price

We don’t know if your price is a good one or not – we don’t even know what you’re buying! Please send us resources to check out and add to this list. Resources you can use while shopping to help figure out pricing for various items: Houses Zillow.com – Contains links to public records and […]

Sales People

Sales-people get paid to sell things – cars, televisions, real-estate, and everything in-between. They’re incentivized to sell more than their coworkers. Bending a rule can give them an edge over their coworkers, but only until their coworkers begin bending that rule too and everyone is doing it. Then someone goes and bends that rule further, […]

Borrowing Or Saving

When making a large purchase, there are two options: save the money, or borrow the money. Deciding between the two can sometimes be a very clear and personal decision… other times there may be no choice at all. These are some situations where there are reduced choices: In these cases, saving may not be a […]

Leasing A Car

Lease agreements define a period of time where you will have use of something (a car). The items current value is determined, and the items value estimated at the end of the lease. ┬áThe difference between Borrowing money to pay for a car makes buying a car much easier. Your car loan may allow you […]