Are Simple Interest loans too complicated for you!?

Who can tell you how much you currently owe?

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Your credit report may be helpful, but some loans aren't reported to any/all of those agencies. Only the lender really knows whats going on.

What items have the lowest financing charges?

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Car companies are trying to make a profit by selling the car - sometimes they take a loss and lend money for free so they can sell more cars!

What items have the highest financing charges?

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Credit cards are unsecured debt - the riskiest kind, which demands the highest financing rates.

Why are items more expensive when the buyer has bad credit?

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Bad credit generally means the financing company is taking a larger risk - they have to charge more interest as a result.

How does the financing company make the most money?

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Making only the minimum payments is how the financing company earns the most money. That way the principal stays the highest, for the longest amount of time. If repossessed property earned more money, people with terrible credit would be more-desirable customers...

Are Simple Interest loans too complicated for you!?
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